Ah, how I miss those days in Barcelona with two of my best babes! It was a lovely week with all the holiday essentials; shopping, beachtime, wine, sangría, fruits, sightseeing and going out to the clubs ♥

And how gorgeous isn’t Barcelona?

After Paris (of course), it is absolutely my second favorite city in Europe. With its relaxed vibes spreading through the city with the soft wind from La Barceloneta… Honestly, it is the perfect place to go if you want a vacation where you can both chill out at the beach,while working on your tan, and experience a great city with never ending possibilities! Barcelona has got it all – es la verdad ♥ It’s been almost five years since we went the first time, and I really hope we get the chance to return very soon…

¡nos vemos, Barcelona!

BCN parc_guell 2014

//Waiting in line to see Gaudí’s artwork//

BCN-zumo de frutas

//Exactly what sweaty, Scandinavian tourists needs after a long day in the sun can be found at La Boquería ♥//

BCN-w hotel

//The W Hotel by night. I am going to stay there one day.//

BCN_Bruschetta @ Hard Rock Café

//Lunch at the Hard Rock Café in Las Ramblas. I swear, I have never been so full in my entire life…//

Barcelona2014 1192

BCN-rollerscating palm allee

BCN-streetart zebra

//There is art around every corner in Barcelona//



//Pacha Beach Club/


BCN-muy contenta



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