Vibes from Venice


USA-them skaterboys

USA-last meal @ nowhere else than Venice

USA-pure happiness

//It’s impossible to describe how happy I felt in this photo! That’s true happiness, right there♥//



USA_Norge i Venice

//Very surprised to find this at Venice Beach… What is this??//


It’s almost incredible how much I would like to just go back to this moment ♥ The happiness I felt during those depressingly few hours at Venice Beach is almost inexplicable! What a beach… truly an amazing place. Unfortunately, after eating lunch, we only had time to walk around for a little while. Some of my friends chose to go rollerblading or to try out the segways, but my friend Linn-Eirin and I just wanted to walk around. I still don’t regret that! We got to do some souvenir shopping and just take in the atmosphere; one last big breath of american air before heading back to not-so-sunny Norway. I know I’ll return, but for now I guess I’ll just have to dream about sticking my bare feet into the soft sand… ♥

//Some of the pictures above are borrowed//


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