//I need this in my back yard…//


GPE fleure

GPE_bateau fond verre


//Malendure, one of my favorite beaches//

GPE_chère St. Anne

//Sainte Anne, the islands most popular beach ♥♥//

GPE_cool kids

GPE_couché du soleil obligatoire

//The sun might set early, but it’s always amazing to watch//

GPE_les fruits de Mamie

//A slightly more colorful breakfast than back home//

GPE_life is better

GPE_maison antillaise

GPE_my fav

GPE_Petite Anse

//Petite Anse, the place to go if you like beautiful shells and some privacy♥//

GPE_Port Louis

Absolutely my favorite place on earth… This paradise of an island is savage, yet beautiful – a hidden treasure, yet nearly untouched by tourism. It’s my dads home. A big part of my heart. We have the chance to go regularly, and I always look forward to it for years! And once we’re back in Norway, I start missing it and wanting to go back…. Next summer I will finally be walking in that hot, volcanic sand and eating homemade coconut and guava sorbet from the streets… Can’t wait!!



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