Streets of Barcelona

Ah, I miss Barcelona so much! I’m just obsessed with this city… So very tempted to book a flight for this summer, but there is just so much going on! I feel that I will be running a lot this summer, constantly back and forth. Still excited though! ♥

Summer is summer, everything gets better…

Barcelona2014 1081


Barcelona2014 1097

BCN-muy contenta

Ah, we fell so in love with this corridor-thing! Such a beautiful place: the right light, ambiance everything… Hahaha, I think we were posing all the way through it, everyday! Since we had to walk through it almost every single morning and night, I just had to post some of these joyful pictures ♥

What I really wanted to post, was a little throwback to our wonderful day in the Gothic Quarter!


Barcelona2014 1168

One of my favorite days in Barca was actually the day we explored the old city. El Barrio Gótico is magical! So many beautiful streets (although there was way too much dog poop lying around in the picture above)… We just went exploring and vintage shopping all day ♥



Barcelona2014 1126

//Paradise, I’d say//


//So blessed to travel with these two lovely girls!//


Aaaaand of course we got lost at some point…. so typical. I can’t even count how many times I had to ask for directions with my very not-perfect spanish! But that is kind of the fun part about vacations isn’t it? Exploring a bit, not knowing what’s behind every corner of the way… I like that ♥


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