When In Rome

It’s about time I write about Rome!

In october, I spent a wonderful week in Rome together with my classmates. I always love going on schooltrips, because the ambiance is so good when many of my best friends are there! And since we’re a group, we get to do a lot of sightseeing and therefore learn a lot about the city. With all the monuments and churches and ruins in Rome, I was happy to benefit from the guiding.

After all it was my first time in Rome (and Italy!) and I doubt that I would have gotten the same impression of the city if I just went with a few friends. We were lucky enough to have a lot of “free time” to experience the city ourselves, but in this post I want to show some pictures from the sightseeing in this BEAUTIFUL city ♥♥


11015882_10204923243713379_1428769136_n (1)

//During our “church day” we visited so many churches that I can hardly tell them apart now… but they were all amazing!//




//St. Peter’s dome//


IT_moment of truth

//Me, super relieved over not loosing my fingers…//





IT- romas gater

It sure was a nearly perfect week! Exploring this majestic city during the day, and finding cozy restaurants during the evening ♥ So much pizza and so much Prosecco!

Some days we walked until our feet hurt and bled, and the even just the thought of going out at night again seemed impossible. But it was so worth it, of course it was. And of course we went out every night, ignoring our feet haha. If there is one thing I learned from this trip, it is to NEVER do sightseeing in Converse. Never.

//some of the pictures above are borrowed//


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