I must admit that it feels a bit weird to write this post. Our roadtrip in the US seems so far away! It’s only been two years, so I guess I’m being a bit dramatic, but…. so much has changed! Yet, looking at these pictures, it still feels like it was yesterday. This trip was amazing from beginning to end, and I think I’ll remember it forever ♥

The US was pretty much everything I’d imagined – perhaps even bigger! In those 10 days we spent in the States, we got to experience many of the biggest tourist attractions, visit four different states – and drink a lot of Arizona ice tea! Although the roads are straight, the speed limit high and the landscape fascinating, we might have been complaining a bit about those long hours trapped in the backseat. We always wanted to arrive! Had I know better, I would have tried to enjoy that part of the trip a little bit more. Because it turns out, that’s what we remember the most. All those hours of fun! It turns out our best memories were actually made in the car seat ♥

Often, when I come home from holiday, I realize that it is the ordinary moments you miss the most. Just being there is what you miss. The ambiance, the smell in the air, the wind in your hair. The ordinary moments that fly by without you really noticing, but that actually make up the whole vacation!

Luckily, we took just as many “ordinary” pictures as touristic ones…


//Our morning view in Barstow, California. My first meet with American landscape… I adored it!//

USA_morningwalk in Barstow

//The first breakfast for most of us involved Arizona & McDonald’s…//


//”We travel in style, or we don’t travel at all…” We were pretty satisfied with our white, iconic vans//

USA-pitstop Flagstaff

//Pit-stop along Route 66 ♥ Ever seen anything so American?//



//My gorgeous girls, Leah & Ida ♥♥//

USA_morning in Barstow


//Motel life was great! I had low expectations, very glad I was wrong.//

USA room 103

USA_drinking arizona in arizona

//Drinking Arizona in Arizona♥♥//





USA-gørlsa i Barstow

//My lovely room mates and I♥♥//

Our route: LAX → Motel in Barstow → Flagstaff → Grand Canyon → Motel in Utah → Bryce Canyon → Hotel in Nevada → Hoover Dam → Las Vegas → Back to motel in Barstow → Universal Studios → Hollywood Boulevard → Loma Linda University → Six Flags Magic Mountain → Venice Beach → LAX 

//Some of these pictures are borrowed ♥//


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