Å is for Ålesund

Ålesund (Aalesund) is a special city. Definitively a city you shouldn’t miss if you’re travelling in Norway! It is a modern city, in the sense that you will find everything you need there, but walking around in the streets you cannot help realizing how old the city is. In the early 1900’s a fire spread through most of Ålesund and over 800 buildings were affected badly by this. However, the fire is the reason why Ålesund is as beautiful as it is today – all the new buildings were built in the unique Jugend style (the German answer to Art Nouveau).

My best friend and I landed in Ålesund around 8:00 AM, and spent the morning walking around enjoying the sight of the coloured buildings and breathing in the fresh coastal air! ♥


//The iconic pier figures in every touristic picture//






//Breakfast at the lovely Racoon//


//Unfortunately we had some luggage to drag along… not very practical (or subtle) on the cobblestone)//




I’ll be spending a long weekend here on the Norwegian West Coast, so hopefully I’ll be posting a lot of pictures of Norway at its best!



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