Hiking up to Vassætra

I think that some of us Norwegians tend to kind of forget how beautiful our country is. In a busy life consisting of running back and forth, the stunning scenery around us become nothing but a background. We forget to stop and look at it, let the view sink in – because we’ve seen it all before! I am no exception, and I’ve actually realized my ignorance has become worse over the years. This afternoon hike up to Vassætra in Sykkylven, on the Norwegian West Coast, reminded me of how stunning my country is, and how happiness is present in the simple things – like an amazing view or fresh wind in your hair.

The hike isn’t a long affair at all, but long enough to make you sweat and give you that fresh feeling of using your body. Depending on your (walking) speed you can reach the top within 30-50 minutes!



//This is the road, all the way from the bottom to the top. It gets steeper, but the ground stays the same, which makes this a very nice walk!//


//When you reach The Bench you’re halfway there! Most people stop to have a drink before continuing, others return here. The steep part is mostly over after this point anyway, so The Bench is a great destination in itself.//




//Welcome to Vassætra! People actually have summerhouses/cabins up here… how idyllic is that??//




//Daddy cool ♥♥//


//Seriously the best water in the world♥//





//(this is my crew hoodie from the “famous” and pretty incredible Norwegian Russ tradition. Look it up!)//


Do you enjoy hiking?

Where are the best places to hike in Norway?


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